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“I think the presentation was very useful covering aspects used in the business environment in a interesting manner so it was a two in one presentation, one for climbing, one for business.”Wayne Tatum, Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)

“It was a fantastic presentation that was really inspiring. I loved the way that your photos and footage were used to break up the talk. You portrayed the message of ‘challenges’ and the skills required very well.”Andrea Hyde, ACPO

“A very interesting and entertaining presentation. Very enlightening in terms of the amount of Red tape which you have to negotiate your way through to eventually take up the challenge of the climb.”Keith White, ACPO

 “I really enjoyed the presentation. What an exciting life you guys have – you are a real inspiration! Maybe one day I’ll give climbing a go – ha ha!”Lucy Cahill

“Last night Anne gave a great lecture to a full house at the Peacock. She talked about her trip to Venezuela with her husband, John, and an international group of climbers, to climb Angel Falls. They climbed a free route left of the falls themselves. The climb was 900m of overhanging wall that weighed in at E7. She followed that up with a talk about this year’s trip climbing some hard rock routes around K7 in Pakistan. This time Anne and John climbed some multi day routes in the extreme grade. Both talks were full not only of great climbing shots but also contained video clips and photos of excitement on the treks in and out of the mountain." Philip Moore, Chester Mountaineering Club 2008

John was one of the best speakers we’ve had at the LMC. His take on Madagascar was very personal and somewhat like having a friend talk of his trip in your living room. But the photos were stunning and the level of achievement extraordinary. It was especially gratifying to have a world-class climber come and speak with no trace of ego or complacency. The talk was given with real enthusiasm and acted as an inspiration to get out there and find more rock to climb." Sherman Oliver London Mountaineering Club 2008

"Well that was stupendous. You can be sure that 99.9% of the audience wouldn't be able to go up there. I shall be dreaming of bromeliads tonight." Stephen Venables

"That's the best slide show I've ever seen here" The Alpine Club, London

"I really enjoyed that, thank you very much!" Kendal Film Festival


"Again, many thanks for doing this so quickly, it really helps!"
Neil Pearsons, Editor Climb magazine

"Hi Guys, Thanks for the Alps and Comps - first rate as usual!"
Bernard Newman, Editor Climber magazine

"Making the first ascent of Upuigma was a huge challenge - not only from a climbing point of view but especially how to capture it on film. John is a superb climber and his seemingly effortless approach to some very hairy pitches was nothing short of artistic and his leads gave the rest of the team a huge boost in confidence. We certainly couldn't have done it without John. Equally importantly, John is a brilliant team member with a great sense of humour and was just at home humping loads and helping to prepare dinner as he was in leading the climb. He understood all the (very frustrating) demands of filming on big walls and constantly came up with great ideas of how to overcome the technical and logistical challenges. It was a great privilege to work with John and also great fun."
Steve Greenwood, BBC Film Producer


Anne Arran

"I had a day with an instructor for a birthday present and I have to say it was the best thing I could have done. I went from VD to S by the end of my climbing holiday. I can highly recommend Anne Arran, she was friendly and really positive, which was great as I am a bit of a timid climber." Gemma, on UKC forum

"I had a day with Anne Arran when I felt I had hit a plateau, it was very worthwhile and I would recommend a day to anyone." Big Steve, on UKC forum

"You are the best climbing coach I've ever had" British Junior Team member

"Anne's relaxed but focused manner was good as was being 'made /encouraged' to try and re-try moves on harder routes I would not normally do"

"You did really well with them, thanks a lot"

"I enjoyed the training session very much, and so far I have found all the ideas and comments useful."

  • "Very good, really enjoyable"
  • "excellent, I learned loads"
  • "excellent for beginners as well as experienced climbers"

– comments from a women-only Masterclass in Ireland with Anne

"Charlie came back from Sheffield motivated, especially by Anne, for which I will be always grateful.". "The girl walked out to that final route and climbed like a true winner"

– comment from a parent of a British Junior Climbing Team training participant

John Arran

"The most impressive aspect was John's ability to visualise the issues and problems through the eyes of a VS/HVS leader. Also he was acutely aware of everything that went on during a climb - noting the slightest hesitation or fumble, without necessarily drawing attention to it at the time." D Holden, London

"We had the pleasure of climbing with and being guided by the extraordinary John Arran (who took us to the classics!), had really nice weather and saw the gorgeous purple heather in bloom. We didn't want to leave and hope to go back..." Karen Kreinman, USA

"Choice of venue on first day - finding dry rock on a very wet day in the Peak earns top marks! Avoiding 'information overload' - this helped me to focus on the main problems, without getting lost in too much advice on too many different things."

"Overall encouragement and the provision of a written summary and recommendations - very professional."

"Relaxed and amusing company"

– comments from coaching feedback forms