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Legal Expert Opinion

Since 1998 John Arran has provided valuable expert opinion to assist the Courts with many and diverse Claims where injuries have resulted from climbing incidents.

BMC Climbing Wall Manual: Technical Information for Designers, Architects, Leisure Managers, Facility Owners and Climbers

Formerly the Development Officer within the British Mountaineering Council, John was responsible for overseeing the development and management of indoor climbing facilities throughout the country. This resulted in John authoring and editing the second edition of The BMC Climbing Wall Manual - the industry-wide good practice document covering all aspects of artificial climbing provision. (click here to obtain a copy of the more recent third edition from the BMC). John also created an early version of the BMC Climbing Wall Accident Database, and more recently has been developing and maintaining software systems for climbing wall membership and entry. John can help with:

  •  Comprehensive written reports
  •  Site visits and assessments
  •  Defendants or Claimants
  •  Expert meetings and combined reports
  •  Single Joint Expert reports
  •  Insurer advice
  •  Court appearance and testimony

Please contact John for further details and to discuss your requirements personally.